One of our allies is collecting testimonials for research purposes from Autistics, parents of Autistic kids and professionals all opposing ABA.  There are many stories, all with their own painful details.

Passed on to us, with permission from the parent, this testimonial sends chills through our spines and is a good illustration of one of the reasons why we fight so hard against ABA.

We see no need to change the wording as drafted by the parent.



“I guess I’m finally able to share our story. Maybe it will be cathartic in a way.

My 10 year old autistic son has been attending a district autism school. It has all the bells and whistles. It has everything you could have dreamed of. Including bikes in the hallways for the autistic children to ride up and down the halls. My 10 year old was doing so well there. Looking back there were red flags but I couldn’t put my finger on what was causing some behaviors.

My 3 year old autistic son started in April. He was there for a month when my 10 year old told me what was going on because he thought he hurt his brother.

Every day/twice a day they have the autistic children go to the nurse and they do body searches. My 3 year old wouldn’t comply so they brought his brother in to hold his hand and undress him. After that they used marshmallows (his favorite food) to force compliance.

Every day autistic children are given reinforcers to take their clothes off. Every autistic child in the program. I found out because my 10 year old couldn’t tolerate watching his brother screech and cry.

I was never notified or asked if this could be done to either boy. When I questioned I was told they didn’t need my permission. When I said that they were grooming my children for a predator, I was told that they didn’t care because it was policy. When I demanded to see the policy in writing, they said they didn’t have it in writing. When I demanded to see the daily logs that showed that there were 2 staff in the room during these searches, they didn’t have it. When I asked if they did this to “normal” children they became offended. I told them “we stopped being politically correct when you body searched my disabled children like they were carrying guns”.

If you’ve made it this far. I filed an institutional abuse report against the school. It’s still under investigation. I’ve asked for an out of district placement but the school is making me wait. I’ve asked for home instruction and I’ve been put on the back burner. I’ve implemented in home counseling to deal with any long term effects.

ABA techniques are used to abuse and manipulate children to comply. Compliance is abuse. Compliance causes abuse”


ABA is carried out by staff who are told to follow instructions, to implement ABA methods for behaviour change when children are non-compliant.

We wish this family well. Let us hope they get justice, and most importantly hope that the long term effects of this abusive action is minimal.

To reiterate, ABA techniques are used to get compliance through manipulation.  ABA is coercive.

Making a child comply is abusive and takes away autonomy.

Learning compliance leads to further abuse.

ABA compliance is abuse.

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